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Watchung Hills’ Winter Trends: Fashionable and Comfortable

With a new season comes new trends, and The Arrowhead has created a must-have list to keep readers on style.

Nude tone Nike sneakers, perfect for creating versatile outfits!

Felicia Laviola, Staff Writer

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As the first week of winter at Watchung Hills arrives, The Arrowhead is creating another must-have list for this season. In this season at the Hills, one can be both comfortable and trendy. America’s supermodels like Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid are decorating themselves in the most recent trends which will soon hit the Hills.

“I am so excited to buy new clothing for the winter this break,” said one junior at Watchung Hills. This student has also been following Gigi Hadid and the outfits found on her Instagram profile.

Gigi Hadid wearing lace.

The first must-have to hit the streets, making its way into the hearts of consumers, is lace. Between the lace bodysuits and lace cutouts, The Arrowhead has fallen in love with the material just as much as Ms. Hadid. Lace bodysuits can be found at Forever 21 or Urban Outfitters, and can be layered with jackets or oversized tees.   

Next, after conversing with some juniors at Watchung Hills, The Arrowhead learned of some subtle trends that will definitely keep readers warm and stylish.

“I wear bootcut socks with low cut boots to give the outfit texture and still keep warm in the cold!” said one junior when asked how to stay warm. While everyone owns socks, knitted socks that are designed to be displayed are new to many teenagers. Zendaya was seen in this type of sock while shooting for a winter clothing campaign. 

Additionally, over-the-knee boots common in the fall carry over into the cold, raw winter days. This style of boots is strutted through the halls at the Hills. They are sky high and quite trendsetting.

Let us not forget parkas! Not as frequently seen at the Hills, but trending in many fashionable cities are parkas. As shown on Zendaya, parkas are big, heavy, and warming coats. These give comfort to people in the freezing weather. These coats are perfect for the cold mornings walking to the Hills or through the breezeways. Affordable parkas can be found at Forever 21.

Zendaya modeling a parka.

Lastly, sneakers are a must. Everyone knows that Nike and Adidas have been dominating student wardrobes but what type? Nike newly released the Nike Air Max Thea, with nude tones that are perfect to make an outfit. These beauties can be found at Nike stores or Footlocker.

Nude tone Nike sneakers, perfect for creating versatile outfits!

Ultimately, as the colder weather is quickly approaching, winter fashion trends are becoming more and more prominent in both celebrity and student wardrobes. The Arrowhead wishes to all its readers a (hopefully) warm and fashionable winter season!

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Watchung Hills’ Winter Trends: Fashionable and Comfortable