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An Early Decision

Seniors who applied early decision have begun hearing back from colleges

Sofia Kwon, Staff Writer

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College. It’s the one thought on just about every high school senior’s mind as this time of the year approaches. For most, the anxiety-inducing process will continue through mid-March, when schools release their regular application decisions. But for a lucky few, the process is complete. They’ve received that congratulatory letter, are wearing their new school colors, and are excited to begin collegiate life.

Sydney Roth, a senior at Watchung Hills, is one of those lucky few.

Roth received notice on her acceptance to Vanderbilt University and expressed that she, “couldn’t stop smiling and cheering when I found out I got in. It was such an amazing feeling and a huge relief. I’m so excited for the next four years!”
Vanderbilt University emblem

The news became even sweeter upon discovering that her best friend, Haley Frey, had likewise been admitted early decision to Vanderbilt University.

Frey exclaimed, “I was thrilled when I got accepted. The majority of my time until then had been spent finishing applications and stressing about my future. Finding out early and knowing for sure where I am going to college is a huge excitement and a relief!”

Early decision is a plan offered by approximately 450 colleges. These plans require an early application submission with loyalty to a singular college. Early decision applicants are “bound” to their school, meaning that if admitted, they must attend. This is clearly a difficult decision for many indecisive high school seniors who may be torn between two or more schools. But for some, one singular school stands out to them as a clear favorite and they decide to “ED it.”
Johns Hopkins University emblem

Meghana Dantuluri, a recently admitted student to Johns Hopkins University, explained, “JHU has been my dream school since as long as I can remember, and when I first visited during Junior year I fell in love with it. No other college I visited surpassed where JHU was in my mind, and I didn’t see myself fit as perfectly anywhere else. I decided to apply early decision because I knew if I got accepted I wouldn’t want to go anywhere else.”

Early decision applicants have just received their decisions. For some, like Roth, Frey, and Dantuluri, this means that they will be attending their first choice school. Others may not have received the same news, and will continue the process through March until Decision Day on May 1, when all students must accept one offer from a college.

The application process for seniors is no small feat. However, The Arrowhead looks forward to discovering where each student will continue his or her journey. Our congratulations goes out to all seniors who received an early acceptance! You did it!

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An Early Decision