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History Bowls are the New Black

Watchung Hills competes in its first-ever History Bowl at Torah Academy on December 18th

Kevin Tan

Students celebrate following their victory at the History Bowl

Chase Goldstein, Staff Writer

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Everyone has heard of math competitions, but History Bowls are a less well-known phenomenon.

A History Bowl is a team-based quiz competition that includes all concepts and aspects of history, including ancient, US, military, and contemporary history. The competition consists of up to six players competing at a time. A moderator orally asks each question, and students must ring a buzzer in order to answer the question correctly. In order to gain points for his or her team, the player must ring in first and answer the question correctly.

Watchung Hills students attended one of the first History Bowls located at Torah Academy of Bergen County in Teaneck, NJ on December 18. The WHRHS team consists of twelve students. Two teams represented WHRHS at the Bergen County History Bowl to compete. These students competed against students from all over New Jersey, in addition to New York and Connecticut.

WHRHS History Bowl advisor Mr. Hodge served as the moderator for the tournament. After the tournament, the team heard news that both Watchung Hills teams qualified for the 2017 National History Bowl.

Several students claimed that “the competition is exhilarating and [gets] fierce very quickly.” They also explained that all teams competing are very “enthusiastic and passionate” about history.

A contender of the Bowl, Demetra Chang (junior), stated that the WHRHS team won three out of the five rounds which enabled the team to progress to later rounds in the tournament. She also stated that their team was able to play against a former jeopardy contestant.

The captain of the history bowl team, Kevin Tan (junior), stated, “Having both teams qualify for Nationals in our very first year of operation was an astounding achievement, and I am extremely proud of everybody. I would like to give a tremendous thank you to Mr. Hodge and each and every one of the team members for being so supportive of the club since its establishment. Without their dedication, passion, and enthusiasm, the immense progress that we have made in just two short months would not have been possible. I hope to continue moving forward with the team during my time at Watchung Hills and to perpetuate it even after graduation for future generations to come. With the many history enthusiasts here at Watchung Hills, this should not be a problem”.

Students that attended the History Bowl that occurred on December 18 are extremely thrilled and are preparing to compete for the national competition.

One of the Vice Principles of the club, Vamsi Desu (junior), described his response towards the victory at the competition as “proudful and memorable.”

He continued, saying, “I’m very proud of all the members of the History Bowl Team that made our qualification to the national history bowl tournament possible. I want to thank Mr. Hodge for agreeing to be our advisor last year because he has done so much for the club so far this season. We are a very strong and dedicated team and capable of winning at the national level. I can’t wait for nationals with the team and I know we will be successful!”

The students that attended the History Bowl at the Torah Academy of Bergen County, NJ, faced off against other students from surrounding states and brought home a victory, and from all of us at The Arrowhead, congratulations and good luck at Nationals!

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History Bowls are the New Black