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A Look Ahead With Coach Seubert

Former Superbowl-Winning "Giant-of-the-Year" football coach interviewed after his first season at WH

After finishing his first season as the Watchung Hills Varsity football coach, Coach Seubert reflects on the season

After finishing his first season as the Watchung Hills Varsity football coach, Coach Seubert reflects on the season

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After finishing his first season as the Watchung Hills Varsity football coach, Coach Seubert reflects on the season

Vincent DiGeronimo, Staff Writer

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There’s an old saying in the New York Giants organization, and it is, “Once a Giant, always a Giant.” This statement explains how people who have worked for the Giants can truly be “giant” by leaving a lasting effect in any way, such as becoming a head coach for a high school varsity football team.

Richard Seubert was an offensive lineman who played in the NFL for nine years for the New York Giants. After starting in and winning seasons worth of games, and some Superbowls as well, he has retired. Seeking the same exhilaration of football in a calmer setting, he has recently taken a new job as a football coach in a New Jersey high school – which happens to be Watchung Hills.

He was moved to head coach at the beginning of this season, and his love for football and his vision for the program have set the Watchung Hills team up for a hopefully prosperous future. Coach Seubert was interviewed after the season’s conclusion:

You played in 104 NFL games, and started in 88 of them. You are a Super Bowl champion and in 2011 you won the BBI Giant of the Year Award. What inspired you to come back and coach football?

CS: I love the game of football. I’ve had great coaches over the years and it’s my time to give back. Football has and always will be something I enjoy being a part of. Since my playing days are over, I figured coaching is the next best thing.

You moved to Warren in 2015 and immediately the ball was rolling.  You were hired to be an assistant coach for the Varsity football team. Can you reflect on what those first few games felt like, even as an assistant coach?

CS: I was coaching football in California at Mission Prep in San Luis, Obispo before I moved back to New Jersey. The first few games last year went fast, I moved here and was asked to help coach in July. I enjoyed being around the school and getting to know everyone at WHRHS.

Finally the day comes, and you are promoted to the head coach position. What was your first reaction?

CS: My first reaction was I needed to get to work. The kids at WHRHS deserve the best and I’m trying to give them that with the assistant coaches and the administration.  I want to create a winning program both on and off the field by doing things the right way.  Building things from the ground up.  I believe building a program is like building a house; you need a good foundation before you can start on the rest of the house.  I’m excited to see what the future brings to all of us at WHRHS. I know with the support from everyone, football will be back on the map in the state of New Jersey.

With the hiring of a head coach in football, there are many holes he/she has to fill. What was the most immediate problem you wanted to fix?

CS: Finding the right coaching staff was my first step.  It is a never ending process to find the right coach to coach.

Since this was your first season as a head coach, what were your expectations going into it?

CS: My expectations were for the kids to improve on and off the field.

Unfortunately, the Varsity football team finished 1-8 during the regular season, but played a consolation game against the Kearney Cardinals and won. They finished 2-8. What positives can be taken from the varsity team?

CS: I hope we can carry over the positives we had in our last game. Even though we were 2-8 on the season, we were in a lot of games at the half.  We need to find a way to finish stronger and improve on that.

What, in your opinion, is the biggest change that needs to be made?

CS: We all need to work harder and become more of a team. Team is the most important thing: Team above self. We need to become a family and play for each other.

By the end of the season, the Junior Varsity team finished with one more win than Varsity, and the Freshman team finished with one more win than the Junior Varsity team. Is it safe to say that the future is bright?

CS: The future is bright as long as we progress the way we should.  A lot of students got reps this year and we are all looking forward to the work it takes to improve for next year.

You have put in a lot of work with the younger teams, including the Watchung Hills Junior Warriors. How well have you gotten to know them?

CS: I enjoy football and being around every level of it.  My son plays for Junior Warriors and it is a great program to get kids ready for HS.  I know all the kids and enjoy being around them.

In your opinion, how effective is the varsity coach developing a system with his younger players?

CS: The program is designed so that [you can coach] the students you have now and the ones that will be here in the future.  My job is to build the high school team and it starts with everyone.  Football is an awesome game and I try to make it something they look forward to doing in high school.

Is there anything else you would like to say to fans that are reading this?

CS: I would like to thank everyone for their support this past season.  If anyone is interested in coming out next season my door is always open.

In essence, the knowledge and ability Coach Seubert brings will be essential for the Watchung Hills football program in the upcoming years. Although their record this year may not have been perfect, Watchung Hills finished their season with a dominant 49-0 win over the Kearney Cardinals. Coach Seubert and all WHRHS football teams look to take all of the hard work they have put in and start creating successful seasons, now and in the near future.

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